Customer Stories

Bollify is used by rapidly growing companies. identifies promising opportunities for expansion

Krijn had a simple goal: he wanted to understand which efforts were impacting the performance of their listings. He found a solution in the "Timeline of Events" feature.

Data challenges solved for Dwarfs with the Rank Tracker

Previously, rankings were manually tracked using spreadsheets. Now, the Rank Tracker provides an instant overview, saving time and optimizing PPC.

Edding improves visibility and performance on

Edding has found a valuable resource for discovering relevant keywords to accurately address the needs and preferences of their target audience to define their sponsored products strategy.

Kinesso x Bollify

Kinesso has improved its reporting and now operates more efficiently

Thanks to the ability to report on the impact of product listing optimizations to our clients, we can now serve them even better. This allows us to achieve more in-depth elaborations of our campaign strategy.

Incubeta drives Coblo's success with Bollify: Achieving +135% sales growth on​

Incubeta achieves an impressive +135% sales growth for Coblo on with the help of Bollify. Discover the results and how this collaboration fueled Coblo's success!

Brandsom x Bollify

Bollify has become an essential component of Brandsom's core business operations.

The adoption of Bollify has simplified, enriched, and made our work more insightful, benefiting both our company and our clients. We have received numerous positive responses since incorporating Bollify into our processes, and it has empowered us to develop fresh insights and strategies.