Improved impact reporting and efficiency for Kinesso Agency

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Thies Kruize

E-commerce consultant at Kinesso

The customer

Kinesso, a digital marketing agency that is part of Mediabrands, serves as the EMEA hub for e-commerce and assists brands in their digital growth on online marketplaces through e-commerce strategies and execution. Kinesso serves a diverse client portfolio and focuses on increasing revenue and improving profitability on the platform. Their services include optimizing product listings, developing and executing advertising strategies, and integration solutions.

Kinesso x Bollify


The e-commerce team within Kinesso regularly faces the challenge of increasing the visibility of products across their diverse client portfolio. It often happens that these products are not optimally visible for key search terms. To address this issue, Kinesso optimizes the product pages and utilizes sponsored products,’s advertising model.

One stumbling block they encountered was the lack of insight into the impact of advertising and product listing optimizations on organic positions. This made it difficult to assess whether the implemented optimizations were truly contributing to their clients’ objectives.

Furthermore, they often need to develop campaign strategies for clients who have not previously advertised and therefore lack access to historical data on which to base campaigns. One potential solution for this is using’s search trend feature. However, the downside is that it is not an efficient method for finding relevant keywords for their campaigns.


Position monitoring in both organic and paid search results

Before implementing product optimizations for their clients, Kinesso utilizes a rank tracker to initially assess the rankings of the product listings that will be optimized. This establishes a concrete ‘starting point’ from which Kinesso can commence their work.

By defining this ‘starting point’ and leveraging the Timeline of Events feature, Kinesso can clearly demonstrate the impact of their optimizations on their clients’ product listings. This provides Kinesso’s clients with a clear understanding of the added value of optimizing product pages.

Furthermore, they now have greater control over paid positions, as they can promptly determine their performance on important keywords using sponsored products. This has significantly saved Kinesso time, as they can now immediately identify which campaigns require optimizations.

"Thanks to the ranking tracker's timeline feature, we can make the relevance of product listing optimizations clear to our customers. This enables us to provide even better service to our clients."

Rank Tracker Bollify vs Boloo

Developing a campaign strategy using the keyword discovery tool

When crafting a campaign strategy, it’s crucial to know which keywords are frequently used. To gain this insight, the search trends feature within can be used, revealing the search volume of specific keywords. However, this feature is not particularly efficient for in-depth research into relevant keywords. In this scenario, Bollify’s keyword discovery tool provided the ideal solution for Kinesso, as this tool allows for the export of numerous keywords and their corresponding search volumes to Excel.

"By efficiently identifying high-search-volume relevant keywords, we were able to shift our focus towards developing a more comprehensive campaign strategy."



Utilizing Bollify has brought significant advantages to Kinesso in various aspects:

Enhanced Visibility: With improved insight into organic positions, they could strategically optimize to achieve higher organic rankings.

Time Savings: The rank tracker enabled them to quickly assess their clients’ current positions on relevant keywords. Additionally, they could efficiently develop campaign strategies using the keyword discovery tool, saving valuable time.

Reporting: With historical data available through the rank tracker, they could illustrate the impact of product page optimizations to their clients, facilitating valuable reporting and performance evaluation.