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Krijn Twigt

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The client is a company that has evolved from a modest venture in 2011 into a powerhouse in the e-commerce world. Exploring new markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and France was just the beginning. Their decision not to be limited has led them to constantly evolve and innovate.

The exclusive brands of – Accezz, Selencia, and iMoshion – reflect their adaptability and insight into the needs of different customers. Whether it’s about accessibility, quality, or simplicity, these brands embody their promise to provide customers with solutions that align with their lifestyle.


In a competitive market that’s always changing, faced a tough challenge. They wanted to improve their listings, so they watched how changes affected their rankings. They carefully noted every change they made. They also collected customer reviews to make their products better and find new opportunities.

The problem was, doing all of this took a lot of time and was hard to manage, especially with a big team. Each note was different, and gathering reviews felt like copying and pasting a lot.

But don’t worry, they found a way to make things better. They figured out a smart solution that changed how they worked together. Read on to find out how they turned this challenge into a success story.


Streamlining workflow for listing change annotations

Krijn had a simple goal: he wanted to know how his team’s efforts were influencing the performance of their listings. He found a solution in the Timeline of Events. This feature automatically organizes all changes they made into a timeline that showed how the rankings changed over time. By following this process a number of times, Krijn was able to piece together a clear understanding of what strategies were truly effective in optimizing their listings for better results.

"When we discovered in the Keywords Discovery feature that we could better adjust the product price, as indicated by the average values within the keyword. Subsequently, in the Timeline of Events feature, we could clearly see how this product had an impact on the ranking."

Exploring growth opportunities in the market

In a rapidly changing market, being ahead means quickly noticing even the smallest changes and outperforming competitors.

However, gathering all the needed data for thorough research takes time, especially when provides limited data.

Now, they use the Discovery tool to get data from a specific market with just one click. This helps answer questions like:

  • What are people looking for on
  • Which keywords or markets are already crowded and which ones aren’t?
  • What keywords have no ads yet?
  • What’s the average price, review score, and number of reviews for specific keywords?


During the process of listing optimization, individually exploring new keywords can be quite time-intensive. This becomes even more pronounced when the only available dataset in zoektrends is search volume. However, Krijn’s team has found a solution in the Keywords Discovery feature. This tool has enabled them to efficiently uncover new opportunities, not just for listing optimization, but also for expanding their product offerings.

“While searching for keywords related to the keyword ‘projectors’, we noticed a lack of advertising for the keyword ‘projector screens’. Despite having these screens in our product range, we promptly took action in response.”

Simplifying review analysis

At, understanding customer reviews is now easy. Our review tool removes the work from going through reviews. No more copying or confusing spreadsheets. They can quickly figure out how to improve their products and how those changes affect their review score.

This solution helps them easily find ways to make their products better based on what customers say. They can also see how these changes impact their review score. It saves them time and lets them adjust their products to match what customers want.

“It's incredibly convenient to export all the reviews at once, enabling us to identify similarities among them more efficiently.”


Thanks to the implementation of the discovery and tracking tools of Bollify, now has the ability to execute their growth strategies on in an automated manner. These tools allow them to promptly assess what strategies are effective and what are not, all at a glance.

Through the analysis of reviews via Bollify, the company has gained valuable customer insights, which have led them to refine their product offerings. Using the Timeline of Events, they have been able to closely monitor changes. Based on this data-driven approach, they have made well-informed decisions that have resulted in improved product rankings. As a result, continues to experience steady growth. x Bollify

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