Incubeta drives Coblo's success with Bollify: Achieving +135% sales growth on

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Coblo x Incubeta

Written by Incubeta

The client

Coblo is an innovative toy brand from the Netherlands, renowned for its high-quality toy products. Despite their established presence in the Dutch and Belgian markets, Coblo had significant untapped potential on, the largest online marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. The toy brand approached Incubeta for support with their marketplace content and advertising, especially to help boost sales during the peak season.

When Coblo and Incubeta began working together in November 2023, the peak season was already in full swing. The team needed to act quickly and strategically to achieve impressive results, especially considering Coblo had never advertised on before. Incubeta’s team started from scratch.


As Bollify, we take pride in collaborating with partners like Incubeta to achieve such results for brands like Coblo.

Incubeta’s team has made extensive use of Bollify to support Coblo in maximizing their presence and sales on Our powerful tool provides real-time insights into search volumes and offers an overview of organic and paid positions on the platform. By combining this valuable data with the strategic expertise of Incubeta’s consultants, the team has developed an effective content and advertising strategy that contributed to Coblo’s success. By monitoring Coblo’s account weekly and making incremental improvements, they have achieved impressive results that not only exceeded the set goals but also outperformed competitors.

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The results of the collaboration speak for themselves:

  • Despite entering relatively late (midway through the peak season), Coblo quickly emerged as the market leader in their category (magnetic toys) on within just one month of the collaboration. 
  • Coblo’s fourth quarter, traditionally the holiday season, witnessed an unprecedented 135% increase in sales (year-on-year) compared to the previous year. 
  • Remarkably, 70% of these sales occurred in the short but intense period of the fourth quarter. 
  • Comparing the fourth quarter of 2023 to that of 2024, after Incubeta’s support, Coblo experienced a 512% increase in sales (quarter-on-quarter). 
  • Coblo secured an impressive 19 organic positions out of 24, significantly enhancing visibility on

Bollify takes pride in the role we played in driving the growth and success of Coblo on

Project-level ranking distribution

A baseline assessment, coupled with the impact of enhanced visibility at the project level, is presented through a detailed breakdown of the ranking distribution within Bollify.

From (measured: Wed Nov 01 2023)

Top 10: 5%, 15 products

Page 1: 24%, 39 products

Page 2-5: 63%, 53 products

Page 6-10: 7%, 6 products

Page 11+: 0%, 0 products

To (measured: Sun Dec 31 2023)

Top 10: 13%, 11 products

Page 1: 45%, 40 products

Page 2-5: 39%, 34 products

Page 6-10: 2%, 2 products

Page 11+: 1%, 1 products

This overview provides a clear picture of the impact of the project executed by Incubeta, serving both to report to the client and to measure their own undertaken actions during the workflow, aimed at increasing the visibility of Coblo.