Keyword Discovery

Uncover keywords in no time. Generate a list of data for 10,000 relevant keywords per search query.

What is the keyword discovery tool?

With Bollify’s keyword discovery tool, you can generate hundreds of relevant keywords in a single search query. The result not only displays the search volume (demand) but also the competition (supply), making it easier and faster for you to determine whether a keyword has potential for optimizing a product listing or discovering interesting product expansions.

Step #1

Chose a keyword

Enter up to 100 keywords or upload a CSV file to generate a list of related keyword data.

Zoektrends alternatief - Keyword discovery

Step #2

Delve deeper.

Utilize filters to sort by demand and supply figures, and use the dropdown to view the search volume trend for both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Step #3

Take action!

Create specific lists to directly track, gather, or export keywords as CSV.