How GroupM makes sponsored products strategies and successes measurable with Bollify

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The customer

Discover how GroupM (Greenhouse), a leading player in the E-commerce sector, has successfully employed Bollify to optimize the performance of Sponsored Products and enhance the organic ranking of bestsellers.

GroupM / Greenhouse x Bollify


GroupM faced the challenge of clearly communicating the value of Sponsored Products to new clients. Traditional metrics such as ROAS, ACOS, and Clicks were essential but did not provide a comprehensive view of overall performance, particularly concerning organic rankings and the balance between organic and paid sales.


The encounter with Bollify

The quest for a solution led GroupM to Bollify, a tool that promised to go beyond traditional metrics. The collaboration began by using Bollify as an essential benchmark before the start of new projects, enabling GroupM to measure immediate effects on organic rankings.

"It is often challenging to convey the added value of Sponsored Products to new clients using metrics such as ROAS and Clicks alone. While these metrics are important for tracking progress, they fall short in measuring overall performance. That's why we emphasize the importance of qualitative content and discuss the side effects on organic rankings and the ratio between organic and paid sales with our clients. We use Bollify as a benchmark in new projects and even with existing clients to measure changes in strategy or content. This allows us to show immediate effects and evaluate our impact over time, enabling us to continuously set new goals."

Concrete results with existing clients

A concrete case illustrates the success of this approach. After implementing best practices with an existing client, GroupM focused on improving the organic ranking of bestsellers. With daily monitoring using Bollify, campaigns were optimized and investments were strategically directed. The result? Specific bestsellers organically climbed to the top 10 of their category, leading to significant growth in organic sales. With measurable figures:

Steel Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Ranking: From 39th to 9th
  • Organic Sales: From 12 to 42


This represented a 250% increase in organic sales volumes and a 77% improvement in organic ranking.

Mini Freezer:

  • Ranking: From 17th to 5th
  • Organic Sales: From 16 to 41


This resulted in a 156% increase in organic sales volumes and a 70% improvement in organic ranking.


"I am very satisfied with your product"


The collaboration with Bollify has provided GroupM with valuable insights. The measurability of direct effects proved to be crucial, and Bollify has proven itself as an essential tool not only for monitoring progress but also for adjusting strategies and achieving tangible results. With the success of Bollify as a foundation, GroupM eagerly looks forward to further collaboration and exploring new strategies to elevate the performance of Sponsored Products to new heights.

  • Measurable results: A remarkable 203% increase in organic sales volumes + An impressive 73.5% improvement in organic rankings. (average of two data points)
  • Benchmark for measurable success: Prior to new projects, Bollify served as our reliable benchmark.
  • Optimization of bestsellers: Targeted optimization of bestsellers brought specific products to the top 10 of their category.
  • Strategy formulation: Measuring direct effects proved to be the key to successful strategy adjustments.
  • Future growth: GroupM looks forward with excitement to further collaboration and exploring new strategies to further enhance the performance of Sponsored Products.