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The Client

Back in 1960, Carl-Wilhelm edding and Volker Detlef Ledermann brought the very first legendary all-purpose marker no. 1 to life. This single product grew into a source of inspiration for both current and future generations of markers, marking the beginning of an incredible journey. What started as a humble two-person business, driven by passion and dedication, has now transformed into a global powerhouse with over 600 talented employees and an impressive annual revenue of more than 141 million euros (2018). This unparalleled growth is intertwined with the company’s products, which can now be found in over 110 countries worldwide. This journey to success is built upon the solid pillars of two prominent brands: edding and Legamaster.


edding, a leading manufacturer of writing and marking products, aimed for greater online visibility on Bol.com. The goal was clear: their range of products needed to be more easily discoverable for their target audience on Bol.com. This would not only boost sales but also provide deeper insights into customers and market position.

The first challenge for edding was gaining insight into the keywords customers used to find their products. This was crucial for enhancing their online presence. Additionally, edding wanted to understand why certain products outperformed others on Bol.com.

For this quest, edding required a specific tool to gather keyword insights. They also wanted to comprehend nuances between markets such as the Netherlands and Belgium, and measure the impact of changes in product details and customer reviews on their visibility.

The path to improved online discoverability was challenging, but edding took the step forward. In this case study, we delve into how edding tackled these challenges and which solutions contributed to their online success. With determination, they increased their visibility and strengthened their market position.

"After a search on Google, we came across Bollify. I quickly noticed that they could provide a solution for what I was looking for."


Discovering the right keywords with Keyword Discovery

Bollify proudly collaborates with edding to enhance their online visibility and performance on Bol.com. Through the utilization of Bollify’s Keyword Discovery Tool, edding has found a valuable resource for uncovering relevant search terms. This tool has empowered edding to gain deeper insights into how customers search for their products on Bol.com. By identifying the right keywords and synonyms used by potential customers, edding has been able to strategically optimize their online presence. As a result, they have improved their ability to effectively reach their target audience.

Keyword discovery Bollify - zoektrends alternatief

"Previously, we lacked comprehensive insights into the keywords. We were curious about the differences in keywords between the Netherlands and Belgium. We desired more insights into the products within our sponsored products campaign. Furthermore, we sought insights into the search volume of our competitors. We were intrigued by where consumers find our products. What synonyms do they use?"

Tailoring product listings for local markets

A significant insight edding gained through this tool was the understanding of the difference in search behavior across various markets, such as the Netherlands and Belgium. By analyzing keywords that are specifically relevant to each of these markets, edding was able to tailor their approach locally. This enabled them to accurately address the needs and preferences of their audience in different regions.

Keyword Discovery -Zoektrends - Customer Story Edding X Bollify

Enhancing sponsored products with Keyword Discovery

One of the most remarkable benefits of the Keyword Discovery feature was the enhancement of edding’s sponsored products strategy. By uncovering keywords with both high search volume and low competition, edding was able to set up targeted sponsored products campaigns.

"We use Bollify's Keyword Discovery Tool to find keywords that fit within our range, have low competition, and yet hold significant search volume. Afterward, we manually set the keywords for a sponsored product campaign."

Precise monitoring of product changes

At edding, success is not just about keywords, but also about the smallest product details and customer interactions. With Bollify’s Timeline of Events feature, edding has gained a clear view of how changes in product details and customer reviews impact their organic ranking. These valuable insights have assisted edding in continuously optimizing their strategies and responding swiftly to market changes.

"Currently, we are using Bollify to assess the impact of sponsored products on our items. This involves comparing data from Bol.com with data from Bollify. Through Bollify's Timeline function, we can observe the product's performance over an extended period and compare it with the number of sales."

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