Data challenges resolved for Dwarfs using the Rank Tracker.

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Glenn Plessers

Head of performance bij Dwarfs

The Customer

Dwarfs is on a significant mission: to conquer the position of Europe’s leading e-commerce company on platforms such as and Amazon. And they are well on their way to achieving this goal. Currently, Dwarfs’ brand portfolio includes the following names: Coninx, Calmzy, Daumonet, Gadgy, Homra, Kalm, Litollo, Mizzo Design, Nevali, Snoozle, Vita5, and StangVollby. And more brands are on the radar, as Dwarfs is actively engaged in acquiring promising e-commerce brands across various marketplaces. This allows them to nurture and elevate these brands into significant players within those marketplaces.


“Data constitutes an essential component for the success and growth of Dwarfs on Throughout the growth phase, Dwarfs faced challenges related to data accessibility, while remaining determined not to abandon their strategy for monitoring rankings. Manually tracking positions in organic search results on proved to be a time-intensive task. They meticulously recorded all their data in extensive spreadsheets. Despite the existence of automated tools, these often proved confusing and difficult to use. This realization led Dwarfs to recognize the need for a more efficient approach.”

"Manually keeping track of our organic rankings on used to be quite a task. We managed everything ourselves using those large spreadsheets. Of course, there are various tools that also provide this insight, but they often appeared confusing. An extensive spreadsheet that was manually updated once a week was, therefore, the best solution for us, until Bollify came along."


From spreadsheets to an automated ranking overview

During the search for a solution to monitor organic rankings, they considered various options. Unfortunately, these options often proved confusing and thus didn’t effectively address the problem. Until Bollify came into the picture.

The intuitive interface of Bollify allows Glenn to quickly view the keyword rankings of Dwarfs’ products on a daily basis. This not only saves them a significant amount of time but also simplifies the optimization of their PPC campaigns. As a result, Dwarfs maintains control over their organic positions and succeeds in reducing their advertising costs.

"In addition to being a clear-cut ranking tool, Bollify also introduces more and more innovations. The new 'Timeline' feature logs all information about changes to titles, prices, images. This makes A/B testing much easier."


Dwarfs, with the assistance of Bollify’s Rank Tracker, has taken significant steps towards the top on the platform. Glenn Plessers, Head of Performance at Dwarfs, shares how this collaboration has strengthened their growth plans.

Previously, Dwarfs struggled with manually tracking their rankings and keeping up with changes. Bollify’s Rank Tracker provided the solution they were seeking. Glenn and his team can now easily and swiftly monitor the keyword rankings of their products, saving time and gaining insights for better decisions.

Especially impressive is Bollify’s ‘Timeline’ feature. This allows them to track changes in titles, prices, and images, simplifying the testing of new strategies.

Thanks to this approach, Dwarfs not only maintained their organic positions but also reduced their advertising costs and improved PPC campaigns. The close collaboration with Bollify has resulted not only in technological advancement but also in a strong partnership.

As Dwarfs continue on their growth journey, Bollify remains a valuable partner, and their Rank Tracker continues to be an essential tool for realizing Dwarfs’ ambitions on

"The capabilities of Bollify are, of course, central, but Dwarfs also values the relationship with partners. The folks at Bollify are really easygoing, approachable, and they brainstorm about innovations and solutions. That makes them the perfect partner for us to grow on!"

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